Professor Clare Kelliher, renowned for her research on flexible working, has published widely in this field. Her work was recently featured in Covid-19 virtual special issues of Human Relations and Human Resource Management Journal. Her research is impactful, being cited, for example, by the Walsh Review examining the extension of the right to request flexible working legislation and used by employers, policy groups and professional organisations. Professor Kelliher has collaborated on research projects with organisations including Working Families and the government sponsored Agile Futures Forum. She is a specialist advisor on flexible working, including recently for the Department of Education (Flexible Working in Schools), Timewise Foundation’s Innovation Unit, Ipsos MORI’s Expert Study on Distributed Working and the Wellcome Trust.

Charlotte GascoigneDr Charlotte Gascoigne has 20 years’ experience as a researcher and consultant in flexible working. Her PhD explored how managers and professionals craft their part-time working arrangements. In 2021, she completed a nine-month research project for the CIPD: ‘Flexible working – lessons from the pandemic’. Previously, as Director of Research and Consultancy at the Timewise Foundation, she led research on flexible and part-time working, concentrating particularly on how jobs at different levels are designed in sectors including retail, social care, construction, nursing and teaching, and creating impact through partnerships with employer organisations and government departments.