Gender and Leadership is a theme of excellence on gender and leadership that provides up-to-date research insights and shares good practice. Read more Read less

Our research is informed by insights into research on gender, diversity and inclusion.  We, for instance, explore the intersections between gender and generation through our work on Millennial women (Kelan, E.K. (2012), Rising Stars - Developing Millennial Women as Leaders, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan) and how men can drive gender change in organisations (Gender Inclusive Leadership).

The theme aims to lead the debate on research into gender and leadership for academia, policy and practice globally through:

  • Producing high quality academic research that generates impact in partnership with research councils, organisations and policy partners.
  • Identifying and analysing emerging issues on gender and leadership.
  • Drawing on our expertise to feed into executive education on gender and leadership.
  • Disseminating research insights through a variety of channels and formats.