Platform companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba, Tencent, Uber, and Airbnb are having a major disruptive impact upon a broad range of industries and markets.

Platforms are now used even in everyday activities such as ordering groceries or household products. This webinar will show the characteristics of modern platform companies and why they have become an existential threat to traditional ways of reaching customers.

We will focus on the specific case of fulfilment businesses and how they help companies small and large to become global with their transformational platforms.

This webinar will:

  • Discuss different types of platform companies and how their two-sided business models create value in unique ways
  • Reflect on how SMEs can transform to take advantage of existing platforms and evolve into a future proof business model
  • Provide a practitioner perspective on the role and significance of fulfilment centres in supporting platform-based businesses


Professor Michael Bourlakis, Cranfield School of Management, UK

Dr Ioannis Koliousis, Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Cranfield School of Management, UK

Mr James Hyde, Founder, James & James Fulfilment, UK



10:00–10:05  Welcome – Professor Emel Aktas
10:05–10:15  Platform Companies and Their Impact on Logistics – Professor Michael Bourlakis
10:15–10:30  Surviving Disruptions with Platform Business Models – Dr Ioannis Koliousis
10:30–10:45  Fulfilment Centres: How can they support the Platform-based SMEs? – Mr James Hyde
10:45–11:00  Questions from participants and panel discussion


This webinar is hosted on Zoom. You will need to download the Zoom application and be logged in to your Zoom account to be able to access the webinar. You can create a free Zoom account; you do not need a paid subscription. You will need a reliable internet connection.

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