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Money makes the world go round, but is it going the right way? Join us for a student takeover of the Sustainability Network Speaker Session with Dan Sherrard-Smith, Founder and CEO of MotherTree – a platform designed to empower individuals to use their money as a force for good.

It may surprise you to know that the biggest source of carbon footprint for most businesses is their bank. The world’s 60 biggest banks, including the UK’s big 5, invest 50 times more into fossil fuel expansion than fossil fuel companies. For every £1 that British Petroleum invests in fossil fuel expansion, the world’s biggest banks contribute £50!

Where you choose to put your money matters and your choice has consequences for the world that’s built for all of us.

What we often don’t realise is that we’re all investors, however big or small. And all it takes is some awareness to influence the changes that matter.

As our present day actions now more closely define what we will leave behind for our future generations, we can make our money count and invest in a future that is cleaner, greener and brighter for everyone.

From looking after our bills, to looking after the planet! In this lunchtime webinar, we invite Dan Sherrard-Smith, Founder and CEO of MotherTree, and on the founding team of Look After my Bills which saved the UK public £127m and achieved the best-ever deal on Dragons’ Den. He will share the lesser known facts about our money’s carbon footprint and what happens to our money when we stick to the default options laid down upon us by banks and pension providers. We are hanging over the reins to our current MSc Management and Corporate Sustainability student, Bhagyashree Chunekar, who has organised this special student takeover session.

This is an opportunity to learn about investing responsibly and making an impact today that goes far beyond any other lifestyle changes we’re making for the planet’s good. Dan will open up about the surprising discoveries he made with his own investments as he ventured into his entrepreneurial journey in sustainable finance.

This lunchtime webinar will be broadcast live from Cranfield Broadcast and Record, Cranfield University's live-streaming studio.

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Dan Sherrard SmithDan Sherrard-Smith

Founder and CEO, MotherTree

Dan founded MotherTree, a platform that makes it easy for values-led organisations to reduce their financial carbon emissions and save money. MotherTree focuses on pensions, banks and bills.

Before launching MotherTree, Dan was on the founding team of Look After My Bills, which saved the UK public £127m and achieved the best-ever deal on Dragons’ Den.

MotherTree’s aim is to shift £1bn into the green economy by 2025. Currently the platform represents £290m and has found routes to reduce 26,000t in carbon emissions.

Shree ChunekarBhagyashree Chunekar

Management and Corporate Sustainability MSc student

Bhagyashree is currently pursuing her MSc in Management and Corporate Sustainability and is deeply passionate about the circular economy, and biodiversity conservation. Having a previous background in brand strategy and consulting, she has collaborated with startup Founders and CEOs, contributing to the growth of early-stage internet/e-commerce brands.

Bhagyashree's journey in the advertising sector includes impactful work with purposeful brands focused on ecological research, senior care, and agri-food. These experiences have fueled her commitment to staying connected to purpose-driven missions, shaping her into a dynamic professional dedicated to sustainable practices and meaningful long-ranging impact.

Who should attend?

This is an open event to Cranfield University staff and students and business and sustainability enthusiasts alike.

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