In this live interview beamed from ‘The European Sustainability Academy’ in Crete, Sharon Jackson will provide thought-provoking insight into why so many people do not enact their well-intended climate-change recovery behaviours.

Sharon will use ‘communication’ examples from the COVID-19 pandemic to illuminate why our attention towards some of the most important issues can become blocked without us realising.

This session is for anyone with a curiosity about how to gain more awareness of how to make their own sense of the globally pressing sustainability issues and how to consciously shift good intentions into meaningful actions.

Participants will learn new skills for enhancing their own meaning-making radars in a way that will improve their ability to communicate more clearly and encourage others to act.


Sharon JacksonSharon Jackson
Founder/CEO of the European Sustainability Academy, Crete (ESA)
Director of Carlton Consultancy Ltd. UK
Associate Faculty at Cranfield School of Management
Associate Scholar at University of Cumbria, Institute for Sustainability and Leadership
Visiting Lecturer at Murray Edwards College- Cambridge University
Visiting Research Fellow at Athens University of Economics and Business.

In 2011 Sharon built ESA in Crete as a bespoke, off-grid, international centre for experiential learning in sustainability leadership. Her vision to build ESA evolved from her extensive global experiences in business and academia and a personal frustration at ‘ineffective’ approaches to leading sustainable businesses.

Sharon held several Executive Board appointments and international senior executive positions over 27 years, mainly in the electronic component sector, developing business through global distribution and OEM supply chains.

In 2000 she expanded her corporate career to executive education and research roles. Her strategic leadership development work includes designing bespoke programmes for business managers, leaders and entrepreneurs, including ground-breaking 'Corporate Responsibility Leadership', immersive learning retreat-based programmes in Tasmania and China.

Sharon has been a business mentor for over 25 years and since 2019 she has been an Associate Apprenticeship Tutor for the L7 Senior Leader Masterships, UK Gov initiative to upskill business leaders, at Cranfield University. She also mentors pro-bono for ReLoad Greece (London Business School and ALBA, Athens) the international programme which prepares young Greek entrepreneurs to pitch to potential investors. Her coaching on blended - learning programmes such as Women in Sustainable Enterprise (WISE) spans cohorts across Africa, Greece, India and UK.

Her academic work includes a 2-year empirical study exploring the reasons for disconnection between organisational intentions to embed CSR policy and actual CSR actions. Her publications and research focus on how managers make sense of organisational change can be found at ResearchGate.

Her past and current global consulting clients span sectors including, electronic consumer products, energy, mining, telecoms, tourism and FMCG.

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