We are all becoming painfully aware of the urgency of taking action on climate change, hyper-social inequality, biodiversity loss, and the myriad of other social and environmental challenges we face today. Organisations need to respond decisively to them, not just to survive, but to thrive.

This collection of stackable modules will equip leaders with the awareness and capabilities they require to steer their organisations towards contributing to positive change whilst reducing costs, managing risk, increasing trust and driving long-term sustainable growth.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone wishing to learn more about sustainable business practices.
  • Anyone can study at a Bronze, Silver and Gold level. If you want to study further, the minimum entry criteria for the Postgraduate Award is an English language speaking IELTS score of 6.5.

How you will study

Our modules are self-paced and ‘stack’ up, so you choose how much you want to learn and when. At each level you earn a digital badge for your CV or LinkedIn profile.

Available stacks

  • Bronze: 4 hours online, access anytime
  • Silver: 6 hours online, access anytime
  • Gold: 10 hours live online cohort-based learning with Cranfield expert faculty. Live dates are every four months, split across two half-days at various times to suit many global time zones

Our stacks offer practical reflection activities for which we suggest you allow additional time. All learning is at your pace, but our guidance is up to 8 hours in total for Bronze and up to 12 hours in total for Silver. This is your opportunity to apply your new knowledge and reflect on the impact it can have on you in your current and future roles.

Location: Online – a combination of ‘available anytime’ learning and live online sessions.


What you will learn

Bronze Sustainable Business

Bronze – Self-paced, access anytime

Award: Cranfield Bronze Digital Learning Badge

By the end of your Bronze stack you will be able to:

  • Identify global, social, environmental, and economic trends and challenges.
  • Recognise how the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) help organisations to address potential risks and embrace opportunities.
  • Consider the role of organisations in addressing sustainability challenges. You will consider perspectives based on responsibility, value creation and resilience.
  • Compare different approaches to sustainability in business and reflect on the need for organisations to balance risks and costs, and consider their role in society.
  • Self-assess your organisation’s own sustainability maturity.

Silver Bronze Sustainable Business

Silver – Self-paced, access anytime*

Award: Cranfield Silver Digital Learning Badge

By the end of the Silver stack, you will be able to:

  • Identify key stakeholders in your organisation. You will be able to assess their needs and expectations in order to construct a materiality matrix for your organisation.
  • Produce a sustainability strategy roadmap for your organisation.
  • Critically appraise methods of evaluating sustainability performance.
  • Apply the sustainable marketing mix to changing customer behaviours for sustainability reasons.
  • Assess how organisational purpose, culture and values underpin or undermine sustainability strategy.

Gold Sustainable Business

Gold – Live online sessions with faculty*

Award: Cranfield Gold Digital Learning Badge

Completing your Sustainability stack up to the Gold level will deepen your knowledge and learning, enabling you to:

  • Map opportunities for your organisation to create enhanced sustainable value.
  • Apply sustainability-oriented innovation and circular innovation approaches to identify opportunities to enhance sustainable value.
  • Compare approaches to collaborating with stakeholders to deliver sustainability improvements and initiatives.
  • Critically appraise leadership styles and characteristics which enable leadership for sustainability.

* Silver and Gold modules go live Summer 2024.

How far can I ‘stack’ this module?

Postgraduate Award (PgAward)

Completing the Bronze, Silver and Gold Digital Badges of the Sustainability module stack alongside Ethics, Responsibility and Social Impact’s stack and an Integrated Assessment, will award you with a Postgraduate Award in Sustainability, Ethics and Social Impact. 

Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert)

This comprises 3 Postgraduate Awards. To earn a Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Management the three core Postgraduate Awards required are:

  • Making Sense of the Economy and Introduction to Financial Management
  • Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
  • Strategic Thinking and Strategic Management

Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip)

This comprises 6 Postgraduate Awards, including the Postgraduate Certificate mentioned above (which is a core requirement at this level). You can add non-core PgAwards to customise your Diploma to your interests.

Master of Science (MSc) in Business and Management

At this level, you can add a thesis to your Postgraduate Diploma to gain a full Master’s in Business and Management. Proof that ‘stacking’ education at your own pace really does add up!