This collection of stackable modules aims to introduce the role and purpose of financial management within a business. Whatever your specialism, an understanding of finance is essential to be effective in a business organisation.

The modules provide a strong foundation for advanced finance courses. By taking the Bronze, Silver and Gold stackable modules, you will develop an understanding of financial management of companies and the role and importance of financial markets. You will also learn to interpret and analyse corporate financial statements and basic tools for financial decisions.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone wishing to understand more about the role of financial management of a business.
  • If you choose to study past our Bronze, Silver and Gold badges, minimum criteria for the Postgraduate Award is an English language speaking IELTS score of 6.5.

How you will study

Our modules are fully stackable and self-paced, so you choose how much you want to learn and when.

Available stacks

  • Bronze: 4 hours online, access anytime
  • Silver: 6 hours online, access anytime
  • Gold: 10 hours live online cohort based learning (live dates are every six months, split across two half-days at times to suit many global time-zones)

Our stacks offer reflection activities throughout which we suggest you allow additional time for, this is at your pace but our guidance is up to 8 hours for Bronze and up to 12 hours for Silver. This is your opportunity to apply your new knowledge and reflect on the impact it can have on you in your current and future roles.

Location: Online – a combination of always available, access anytime and live online.


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What you will learn

Bronze Introduction to Financial Management

Bronze – Self-paced

Award: Cranfield Bronze Digital Learning Badge

By the end of your Bronze stack you will be able to:

  • Describe legal forms of business organisations and understand issues arising from ownership-management separation in companies.
  • Understand the role of financial manager within organisations and the objectives of financial management.
  • Develop an understanding of types of capital and characteristics of different financial instruments.
  • Discuss the role of financial markets and institutions and how companies operate within the financial markets.

Silver Introduction to Financial Management

Silver – Self-paced

Award: Cranfield Silver Digital Learning Badge

Should you want to progress to our Silver stack, by the end of your study you will have developed knowledge enabling you to:

  • Appreciate and understand different financial statements of a company.
  • Evaluate the operational efficiency and liquidity of a company using financial ratios.
  • Analyse the profitability and financial health of a company using a comprehensive set of financial ratios.
  • Apply fundamental concepts of time value of money to calculate future and present values.
  • Appreciate the importance of time value of money concepts for personal and corporate financial decisions.

Gold Introduction to Financial Management

Gold – Live Online

Award: Cranfield Gold Digital Learning Badge

Taking your stack up to Gold level will deepen your knowledge and learning, enabling you to:

  • Analyse the role of financial markets and institutions in relation to the working of companies.
  • Compile and interpret a company’s financial statements.
  • Evaluate the financial performance of a company.
  • Appreciate the application of time value of money principles to financial decision making.


Postgraduate Award

Completing the Bronze, Silver and Gold Cranfield Digital Badges within this stack alongside those in the Making Sense of the Economy stack and an Integrated Assessment will earn you a Postgraduate Award in Economics and Finance.

To qualify for the PgCert in Business and Management, three core PgAwards are required, which are:

  • Making Sense of the Economy and Introduction to Financial Management
  • Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
  • Strategic Thinking and Strategic Management

The PgCert is a requirement for applying for a PgDip and MSc.

Postgraduate Certificate

This comprises 3 Postgraduate Awards.

Postgraduate Diploma

This comprises 6 Postgraduate Awards.

Master of Science (MSc)

PgDip, plus a thesis.