OPTEMIN is a collaborative project which is taking a whole systems approach to the optimisation of energy management in industry, with a view to meeting long-term targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

At a glance

By working closely with key industrial and academic collaborators, OPTEMIN is developing methods to demonstrate the potential of energy demand and carbon emission reductions offered by energy efficiency, heat recovery and conversion to electrical or thermal energy, waste to energy conversion and energy integration.

The project will involve the analysis of the scope of these options by taking into account interactions across three levels: individual process or plant level, whole site and national energy supply system (grid electricity and gas). The project is also identifying the role of technical, economic and organisational factors acting as barriers to the adoption of energy-efficient technologies and developing innovative business models to address them.


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Further information

For more information about the project, please also see the EPSRC and UCL websites.