This is a six-month project, supported by Innovate UK grand funding, to undertake a feasibility study to develop a business model and technically specify an energy and electric vehicle (EV) fleet management platform that will enable fleet operators to schedule and optimise EV charging and use.

SNRG, Electric Corby and Cranfield University are collaborating on this Innovate UK project to investigate advanced grid services provided by optimised EV community and fleet charging.

The objectives of this project are:

1) To develop a data analysis and V1G vehicle energy management platform, using EVs as a microgrid balancing system to flatten the local energy demand.

2) To aggregate onboard fleet EV data use machine learning algorithms to predict fleet usage and charging profiles, and offer economic incentives to fleet operators and charging to meet site and electricity grid needs.

3) To test the user engagement via a user survey and analysis of data from the online platform.

4) To develop a business model incorporating stakeholder and end user needs, and analyse the feasibility of community EVs.