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Areas of expertise

  • Food Quality
  • Food Safety


Dr Zoltan Kevei has expertise in the field of plant-microbe interactions (Medicago-Rhizobium), cell cycle regulations and developmental epigenetics of the model plant, ”Arabidopsis” and, since joining Cranfield, in tomato and raspberry genetics. Throughout his academic career he has gained broad scientific and technical training in plant molecular biology. His diverse publication record shows the widespread interest in the research of plant development and physiology.

Current activities

Dr Kevei is currently working on the genetics of root development in tomato and raspberry, where he is defining the genes and natural genetic variation that controls traits such as adventitious rooting (important for propagation in soft fruit), and rootstock vigour (vital for production of grafted vegetables e.g. tomato, melon). He uses the latest DNA sequencing and molecular biology techniques and collaborates closely with the Bioinformatics Group.


BBSRC, Syngenta, Rijk Zwaan, Edward Vinson, FiberLean, KWS, Elsom Seeds


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