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Ankita Debnath is a dynamic and dedicated PhD student at Cranfield University, focusing her research on the crucial areas of biodiversity and crop resilience. Her project stands at the intersection of plant genetics and microbiology, with a special emphasis on applied mycology. This focus underscores her deep commitment to understanding and leveraging the genetic and microbial aspects of plants to enhance crop resilience and sustainability.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Ankita garnered significant experience as a food scientist within the R&D department of a vertical farming operation. Here, her expertise was pivotal in driving innovation in crop production and in devising new techniques aimed at reducing crop waste. This role highlighted her ability to blend scientific rigor with practical applications in agriculture, particularly in the context of sustainable farming practices.

Ankita's academic journey includes a master's degree in Food Bioscience from Glasgow Caledonian University, where she not only excelled as a student but also contributed as a teaching assistant. Her MSc thesis, which focused on assessing probiotics in plant-based yogurt and the augmentation of such yogurts with fruit concentrates, further honed her laboratory skills and deepened her knowledge in microbiology. This work is indicative of her keen interest in food science and her ability to conduct in-depth research that bridges food technology with microbiological insights.

Research opportunities

Ankita Debnath's research interest focuses on the intersection of plant genetics, applied mycology, and crop resilience within the context of biodiversity conservation. Drawing from her background in Food Bioscience and experience in vertical farming R&D, her PhD work at Cranfield University investigates how genetic and microbial interactions can enhance crop sustainability and productivity. Through her study, Ankita aims to develop innovative, sustainable agricultural practices that reduce waste and improve food security, leveraging the potential of mycology to bolster crop resilience against environmental stresses. Her goal is to contribute to the advancement of agricultural systems that sustainably support food production while preserving ecological balance.

Current activities

Ankita Debnath is currently engaged in a multifaceted PhD project at Cranfield University, where she investigates the interplay between biodiversity and crop resilience through the lens of plant genetics and applied mycology. Her research aims to uncover genetic and microbial strategies to enhance the resilience and productivity of crops, with a special emphasis on sustainable agricultural practices.