Located in the George Solt Building, this dedicated laboratory is the centre of the world-class, cutting-edge research into sensors and their uses in water and the water industry being conducted at Cranfield.

With an impressive legacy in biosensors, Cranfield’s UKCRIC sensors lab continues the University’s work in this area by providing state-of-the-art facilities for chemical, biological and microbial sensors’ design, elaboration, characterisation and application. Our aim is to explore fundamental science and advanced sensors technology to address the water-environment-health nexus. The projects underway involve aspects of diverse disciplines, ranging from engineering, chemistry, environmental, biomedical and analytical science to nanotechnology.

Paper sensors diagram

Key research themes

  • Low-cost sensors for rapid monitoring of water quality and wastewater.
  • Point-of-use sensors for rapid water analysis for environmental and public health.
  • Point-of-care sensors for healthcare at low resource setting.

Using the facility

If you wish to use this facility, please contact Dr Zhugen Yang to arrange.