Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a fast and non-destructive analytical technique which provides qualitative and quantitative data on the chemical composition and purity of a sample, on dynamic processes and monitoring of chemical reactions.

Cranfield’s NMR facility is located at the Centre for Defence Chemistry, Cranfield Defence and Security in Shrivenham. The BRUKER AVANCE III 400MHz solution state spectrometer with a 5mm BBFO broad band RF probe (15N to 31P), sited at room WH90, is managed by Dr Licia Dossi and is operated by the Synthesis group.

The group also offers an external high-resolution NMR service of experiments in solution data interpretation and written reports upon request.

How others have used the facility

Data collected by the Synthesis group at Shrivenham has been shared with the School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing and other research groups in UK and EU universities for joint publications.

Consultancy has been provided to external local organisations.

Summary of applications

  • Synthetic chemistry,
  • Polymers chemistry,
  • Medicinal,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Environmental,
  • Food quality and research.