The hydrogen economy is becoming a reality. Hydrogen is going to play a key role in the transition to a low carbon and circular society.

By attending this masterclass you will understand how hydrogen is included in governments’ and organisations’ plans towards net-zero, the technologies that can deliver on those plans and the opportunities this transition can open.

Hydrogen has often been considered a chimera in the energy sector, so promising in potential benefits as difficult to actually deliver.

Now things are different. The strong commitments from nations and companies to reduce carbon emissions and the momentum from the public in asking for real changes towards a low carbon and circular society are highlighting how hydrogen can solve a number of challenges that electrification alone would struggle to deliver.

Hydrogen is versatile and can contribute to decarbonise hard to abate sectors like heating, long haul transport, heavy industries and aviation. Hydrogen can provide a balance for renewable power generation and open up opportunities for carbon negative processes and innovative technologies.

At a glance

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Course structure

This unique masterclass will be delivered live online over 3 hours by Dr Luca Alibardi. Dr Luca Alibardi is a Lecturer in Separation Processes. His research focuses on the development of separation technologies and systems integration to lead on the transition towards the circular and hydrogen economies. Actively involved in national projects exploring the role of hydrogen to decarbonise the UK water sector, he has been working on hydrogen related projects, delivering research activities on the production of green hydrogen from organic waste and residues via biological processes and he is currently principal investigator on two projects exploring the role of hydrogen to decarbonise the UK water sector sponsored by two UK water companies. The masterclass will be divided into three parts, each combining lecture-like presentations and discussions to interact with the lecturer and the other participants, share ideas and develop network opportunities: Session 1 - Current drivers for the implementation of hydrogen-based projects and key aspects of national and international strategies supporting the move to hydrogen economies. Session 2 – Review of technologies for hydrogen utilisation and production. Session 3 – Emerging technologies – main advantages, R&D needs to transition to demonstration or commercial scale.

What you will learn

The masterclass will provide an understanding of the trends for the adoption of hydrogen in our society and economy, the status of the technologies for hydrogen production and where the use of hydrogen can deliver benefits representing strategic knowledge to plan or implement a hydrogen strategy into organisations and businesses.

After attending this masterclass, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the benefit of hydrogen economies and identify the steps needed to implement hydrogen projects into their organisation,
  • Recognise the strength and weaknesses of hydrogen-based technologies currently available on the market or at demonstration/pre-commercial state,
  • Identify the research, development and innovation needs to exploit green hydrogen production processes based on innovative and bio-based processes,
  • Share views and develop a network with other professionals interested in the hydrogen economy, hence providing opportunities for future collaboration.

Core content

  • Hydrogen and carbon emissions; Why meeting net zero carbon emission has defined the role that hydrogen plays in our economy and society. Why colours of hydrogen are so important to understand its impacts.
  • Who is doing what? What are the approaches or action plans governments and organisations are developing around hydrogen around the world?
  • Where does it come from, where does it go? What are the sources of hydrogen and its end uses in industries, services and products?
  • Hydrogen production; An overview of the processes that can be used to produce hydrogen and their state of the art.

Who should attend

This masterclass is aimed at carbon managers involved in the definition of future plans for emissions management; Innovation managers involved in defining future research and development plans to explore hydrogen possibilities and links with emissions reduction; and sustainability professionals willing to understand more about the prospect of the hydrogen economies.


Dr Luca Alibardi

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