This Module can only be taken as a Short Course for Credit.
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Due to the nature of the subject matter in this Module, security clearance may be required. 

Cyber Attack: Threats and Opportunities aims to develop an understanding of the wider context of cyber within an organisation. It will provide a contextual link between the management and governance of an organisation and the organisation’s cyber requirements. It will examine the operational aspects of cyber, information assurance and security.

At a glance

  • Dates
    • 23 - 27 Sep 2024
  • Duration5 days
  • LocationCranfield University at Shrivenham
  • Cost£2,350 Concessions available

What you will learn


  • Assess cyber operations from a variety of threat actors,
  • Evaluate the different cyber vulnerabilities and how they might impact an organization,
  • Appraise the strengths and weaknesses of various security technologies and their suitability for protecting an organization.


  • Develop a security strategy using appropriate technologies and techniques,
  • Prioritise cyber threats and vulnerabilities based on their potential business impact.

Core content

Introduction to Cyber

  • Understanding cyber crime, cyber attack and cyber war,
  • The different categories of threat actors and their motivations,
  • How cyber fits within an organization.

Attacks and Vulnerabilities

  • An overview of common cyber attacks, for example, SQL injection, XSS, and enumeration,
  • Explanation of how these attacks can be mitigated, including the use of penetration testing,
  • Understanding the human aspects of vulnerabilities, for example, insider threat and social engineering.

Tools and Defence

  •  Understanding the different tools available, and their application. For example, IDS systems, authentication methods, and encryption.

Upgrade to a professional qualification

After successful completion of this Short Course for Credit, 10 credit points can be put towards the Cyber Defence and Information Assurance MSc and the Cyberspace Operations MSc.

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Who should attend

Students must have successfully completed Foundations of Cyber in order to take this as a Short Course for Credit.


A limited number of MOD sponsored places are available.

How to apply

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