If studying for a postgraduate certificate, diploma or a master’s degree is not something you can commit to at the minute you might want to consider taking an individual module for credit, also known as an accredited short course.

A number of our modules and/or accredited short courses can be used to gain credits to be put towards the related Cranfield certificate, diploma or master’s degree.

In order to gain Cranfield credits, a student must take and successfully pass the assessment associated with the accredited short course.

Accruing credits

If at some future point you are able to move on to a Cranfield postgraduate certificate, diploma or master’s degree you can request that credits accrued through relevant accredited short courses be considered as partial completion of the certificate, diploma or master’s degree you wish to pursue. Students wishing to take this route should check with the Course Director of the intended degree which accredited short courses are eligible to be taken in this way.

One advantage of taking one or a number of accredited short courses is that you are not required to commit to long periods of time away from your place of work. Most accredited short courses will be delivered over five to ten days, with additional private study and assessment which may happen before the residential phase or at a later date. The individual accredited short course page will provide more information as to how it is delivered.

Using Cranfield credits at other universities and degree awarding organisations

Some partner organisations, universities and other degree awarding bodies also recognise Cranfield credits as part of their awards. The basis upon which these can be used should be checked with the organisation awarding the degree, as they will have their own regulations.