Our centres

We have Centres, Institutes and Groups that undertake world-class research in our specialised areas of academic expertise


  •  Survivability, Lethality and Materials Group

    Survivability, Lethality and Materials Group

    Leading expertise in the philosophy of Lethality and Survivability through in-depth knowledge of the associated technologies and science.

  • Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Centre

    The Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Centre applies fundamental science and innovative thinking to provide bespoke solutions for industrial clients

  • Synthesis Group

    Research into energetic molecules, binders, plasticisers and new synthetic routes for current energetic materials

  • Systems Group

    The Systems Group is a leading provider in the UK and Europe of Systems Engineering expertise and capabilities

  • Technology Management Group

    The UK’s leading group for research & education in defence procurement, logistics and supply chain management

  • Vehicles and Mechatronics Group

    Our Group combines world-renowned expertise on various vehicle and weapon technologies from individual elements to complex military systems

  • Vulnerability

    The Group has a world-leading reputation for research into explosive safety specifically the development of new and improved test methods.

  • Water Science Institute

    Transformational research and teaching in the science, engineering and management of water

  • Welding and Additive Manufacturing Centre

    Specialising in fundamental, strategic and applied research in advanced fusion joining processes