Our centres

We have Centres, Institutes and Groups that undertake world-class research in our specialised areas of academic expertise. Search by theme or filter your results on the right hand side. 


  • Oil and Gas Engineering Centre

    Geo-Energy Engineering Centre

    The Geo-Energy Engineering Centre focuses on the needs of the oil and gas, process and energy industries

  • Cranfield Institute for Resilient Futures

    Institute for Resilient Futures

    The Institute for Resilient Futures offers globally recognised expertise in environment, risk, and strategic foresight

  • Life Assessment

    Life Assessment

    The Group undertakes research into understanding the chemistry and thermal decomposition chemistry of energetic materials.

  • Manufacturing


    Research into energetic molecules, binders, plasticisers and new synthetic routes for current enegetic materials.

  • pointing to whiteboard

    Manufacturing Informatics Centre

    We focus on the development of new ICT tools and information methodologies for next-generation manufacturing technologies, processes and systems

  • CDS Materials Science and Radiation Group

    Materials Science and Radiation Group

    The Group applies its knowledge of materials, physics and engineering to a wide range of defence, security and industrial challenges

  • Cranfield Forensic Institute

    Musculoskeletal and Medicolegal Research Group

    The Group produces leading research and consultancy in many fields of hard and soft tissue biomechanics research

  • jetstream

    National Flying Laboratory Centre

    National Flying Laboratory Centre (NFLC) is responsible for operating aircraft for Cranfield University including the Jetstream 31

  • Offshore Renewable Energy Eingeering Centre

    Offshore Energy Engineering Centre

    Specialising in the research, design and development of renewable energy technologies

  • Power Engineering Centre

    Power Engineering Centre

    Across the full breadth of activities in Energy & Power, with a focus for the design and engineering of advanced power system components

  • Propellant Research Group

    Propellant Research Group

    We are the focus for solid propellant research and the understanding of their material science and chemical properties

  • Investigating an accident site

    Safety and Accident Investigation Centre

    Our team has first-hand experience in managing airline and military aircraft operations, accident investigation, design and certification

  • Security 400 x 400


    The Group is active in the areas of explosives and CBR detection - working to develop new and improve current detection equipment.

  • Soil and Agrifood Institute

    Soil and Agrifood Institute

    The Soil and Agrifood Institute has internationally-recognised expertise across both domestic and international food supply chains

  • Engineering in a lab

    Surface Engineering and Precision Institute

    Surface Engineering and Precision (SEPI) is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in thin film deposition techniques, precision device manufacturing and In-process metrology in ultra-precision machines