Can Cranfield University nominate a solution which is in an early idea or ideation phase?

No, the nominated solution must make an evidence-based contribution to the Earthshot(s) and have a clear proof of concept.

The Earthshot Prize will not accept Nominees that are in the early-idea or ideation phase. If you have an solution that as in either of these phases you could apply to Cranfield's GFIL Fund.

What are the criteria for making a nomination to The Earthshot Prize?

We will be reviewing all submitted solutions against the criteria provided to us by The Earthshot Prize. You can find out more about the criteria in this document.

Will the nominations submitted be made public?

No, submitted Nominations and Nomination Forms are confidential so Cranfield University will not talk publicly about our nominations. We will however contact the people/organisations who we choose to nominate directly to ensure they are happy for us to nominate them before putting them forward.

Will I know if the Cranfield University has nominated me or my organisation?

Yes, we will contact you to confirm that you are happy to be nominated, but ask that you will keep this information confidential. The official deadline for The Earthshot Prize to receive nominations from Nominators, such as Cranfield University, is 31 January 2023 however we close our call for solutions prior to that so we can convene a cross-university and external panel of experts to review the solutions we receive and submit them to The Earthshot Prize by 31 January 2023.

Can Cranfield University nominate one solution in multiple Earthshot categories?

Yes, Nominators can submit a Nominated Solution for consideration in one, multiple or all of the five Earthshot categories. The Earthshot Prize organisers recognise there are existing environment solutions that can apply to multiple Earthshot challenge statements, so it is not a requirement for a proposed solution to be directly based on one Earthshot.

Can Cranfield University nominate more than one solution?

Nominators can submit an unlimited number of Nominations that meet the criteria.

Do I have to go through Cranfield University in order to be nominated?

There are many organisations who have been chosen to nominate, Cranfield University is one of these. All organisations are listed on The Earthshot Prize website and you can apply to as few or as many Nominators as you wish. The Earthshot Prize is not open to direct nominations.

Are the five Earthshots the same every year?

Yes, the Earthshots are goals for 2030. Each year the prizes will be awarded for the greatest contribution to reaching the Earthshots by 2030. This means that the Earthshots will stay the same, but the narrative, criteria and targets will be reviewed each year to reflect progress made.

What if the same solution is submitted by multiple nominators?

Potential nominees can submit their solution to as many nominators as they want. If more than one official Nominator submits a solution to The Earthshot Prize then the information will be consolidated, and the solution will only be considered once.

Why do you close your nomination process earlier than The Earthshot Prize?

We have structured the process in this way as The Earthshot Prize require Official Nominators to submit contact details and nominees to submit their application through The Earthshot Prize's own application portal. As we are unable to review applications in the portal we are closing our nomination process early to enable our expert panel to review the applications and only submit those we feel could win an Earthshot Prize.