Cranfield University is committed to enabling a more sustainable future for all, and as part of this we have partnered with Green Future Investments Limited to offer the Brian Meredith Net Zero Scholarships to students starting in October 2023. These £20,000 prestigious scholarships will be awarded to students based on their academic excellence, financial needs and their future potential to make a difference.

If you are an outstanding student with an equally outstanding passion for helping the world achieve net zero, Cranfield University and Green Future Investments are committed in offering you this unique opportunity as we strive to educate talented individuals for a longstanding career in sustainability.

Find out more about Brian Meredith

Protecting our environment for his grandchildren, and their grandchildren, was something Brian Meredith felt passionately about. An entrepreneur with an ambition to end the damage being done to our planet, restore ecosystems, and adapt existing methodologies to secure a more sustainable future.
In 1987 Brian, an ex-IBM Engineer, founded Blue Chip Customer Engineering Ltd (Blue Chip); an IT Hardware Maintenance company specialising in IBM systems, with a vision to deliver unprecedented exceptional customer service levels and experiences.
Always forward thinking, and with a keen interest for innovative technology, Brian expanded the business to diversify and deliver IT Managed Services, developing two data centres in the Bedford area with patented eco-cooling systems which led them to become the most power efficient data centres in Europe.
Our impact on the environment continued to be a focus for Brian at Blue Chip and resulted in further positive environmental outcomes including a partnership with the Forest of Marston Vale tree planting, and an early adopted generous electric company vehicle scheme.
Away from business, Brian had a fascination with the natural world, all living creatures, and the health of the environments in which they thrive. With first-hand experience of traditional farming methods as a boy, from observing his father and inheriting a belief and love for home grown food, he recognised our planet as a natural and precious resource and held a deep passion for protecting it and all life upon it. 
Brian developed a hunger for understanding the trajectory of our impact on the planet and held a strong belief that science and technological innovation would drive the solutions for change and if supported successfully with financial and political engagement, could prevent the most catastrophic climate disasters and build a sustainable future for the generations to come.  
During 2020 whilst selling Blue Chip and planning a future channelling his drive and determination to “save the planet”, Brian unexpectedly became ill and very sadly passed away. His legacy continues through the work of The Nature Recovery Project and Green Future Investments Ltd.


At a glance

  • Funding value£20,000 in total. For UK students this covers the full tuition fee of £11,910 plus £8,090 towards living expenses.
  • Suitable for Applicants fromUK
  • Deadline29 Jun 2023
  • Funding provider(s)Green Future Investments Ltd

What it covers

£20,000 in total. For UK students this covers the full tuition fee of £11,910 plus £8,090 towards living expenses.

Who can apply

Full-time UK student studying on one of the eligible MScs (full list below).

Applicant’s must hold an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject and provide a 200 word supporting statement on how they plan to make a positive difference to issues surrounding global climate change following their studies.

Scholarship students will be required to assist with activities to promote the awards and Cranfield’s work around sustainability and clean tech solutions, through blogs, social media and by providing testimonials.


Further information

Please note - We are currently selecting the final scholars from the first round of applications. We will notify applicants of the decision as soon as possible.

How to apply

You must have an offer of admission on one of the above listed MSc courses before applying for the scholarship..

To apply for one of our MSc courses, please complete the online application form.

Once you have your six-digit Cranfield application number use the link below to submit your scholarship application.

Apply now

Deadline for phase 2 of applications is Thursday 29th June 2023. It is recommended that you submit your application at the earliest opportunity. Any applicant who is not successful will be automatically considered for a Cranfield Scholarship which allows for smaller awards toward tuition fees.