Cranfield Defence and Security Services Ltd supports and expands the University’s defence and security relationships in new, agile and flexible, commercial directions. Our main business activities are consultancy, symposia, test and evaluation, and training.

Working together to deliver value and benefit

Whether you are an industry partner, a professional body, national laboratory or government department, our aim is to build strength through partnerships and to share knowledge that is mutually beneficial.

Our culture: Experience a culture driven by diversity and innovation.

Our people: Providing specialist knowledge to underpin defence and security sector reform around the world.

Our history: Building on the legacy of Cranfield University’s over 70 years in aerospace, defence and security.

Our future: Providing an agile, flexible and exploitable front door to the academic university sector for defence and security professionals.


We offer a wide range of training across:

  • cyberspace operations and cyber security,
  • digital forensics,
  • crime scene investigation,
  • defence acquisition,
  • drone pilot training,
  • weapons and explosives handling,
  • behavioural driver safety programmes.


Drawing on Cranfield University's and our associated staff’s academic knowledge and expertise, we provide consultancy to governments and industry. We draw upon the depth and breadth of Cranfield’s world-class multidisciplinary research to provide answers to many of the challenges faced by organisations today.

Browse our people and find an expert.


Building on the reputation of Symposia at Shrivenham, we provide a forum at our Cranfield location to government agencies, military and civilian, industry and research establishments for the exploration and exchange of experience and knowledge. This leads to constructive questioning and a synthesis of ideas in a relaxed but professional environment.

Test and evaluation

We offer test and evaluation across a range of domains:

  • ordnance and weapons testing,
  • aerodynamics,
  • propulsion and mobility,
  • pen testing,
  • impact testing,
  • autonomous systems,
  • airborne certification.

Facilities and resources

As well as access to Cranfield University’s world-class research and experimental network of facilities, we are able to offer standard office facilities and access for start-up companies. Find out more about our business incubation centre (CUBIC).

We are also able to offer our facilities for access to television and the film industry.