Unique to a UK university, COTEC is an independent test and evaluation facility for munitions, weapons systems, pyrotechnic and explosive stores. Read more Read less

We are situated on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire and the centre is equipped to carry out a wide range of explosive and ballistic testing on explosive formulations and ordnance.

COTEC is licenced by the UK’s Ministry of Defence and other organizations and is accredited to EN ISO 9001:2008 to undertake demilitarisation and test and evaluation of munitions, weapon systems, pyrotechnic and explosives stores.

COTEC extensive range facilities are also suitable for testing other materials and equipment.

Example test and trials formats include:

  • ammunition proofing
  • bullet and fragment attack
  • drop testing and spigot intrusion
  • explosives trials
  • fragmentation trials
  • fuel fires
  • ordnance proofing
  • shaped charge
  • jet attack
  • sympathetic reaction
  • slow cook-off

Example specialist facilities at COTEC include:

  • flare test track
  • high-altitude test facility
  • tunnel range
  • UN Series 6c Bonfire and vertical recovery.

COTEC staff can provide specialist and expert advice, assistance and support to your research and evaluation needs  To find out more about what we have to offer, visit www.cotec.org.uk.

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COTEC performs independent test & evaluation on munitions, weapon systems, pyrotechnic and explosive stores