These days it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we have developed a wide range of opportunities that you can take advantage of alongside your chosen programme to enhance your offering to future employers and reach your full potential.

Digital badges

The opportunity to showcase your skills to prospective employers via your social media profile has become increasingly important and for some of our programmes you can earn digital badges that recognise your accomplishments. The badges are widely recognised by employers as a mark of expertise and dedication.

To support your development and fill any skills gaps identified we offer a range of learning opportunities and resources.

This includes:

  • a rolling programme of free online or classroom-based courses.
  • self-paced resources including online learning tools and video tutorials.
  • access to professional digital skills qualifications and certifications.
  • one-to-one support.
Enhance your entrepreneurial mindset


Being entrepreneurial isn’t only about running your own business, having an entrepreneurial mindset is all about thinking differently and creatively to solve problems. Through our entrepreneurship programme of activities, we can help you become resilient, resourceful and solutions-oriented.

Entrepreneurship is a fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge, build your skills and meet students from across campus in a friendly and fun environment. Through our Cranfield Enhance Entrepreneurship offering hosted by the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship, you will become more resilient, cultivate your problem-solving skills, encourage creative thinking and resourcefulness, and learn valuable soft skills such as communication, negotiation, leadership, and teamwork, which are essential in your personal life and professional career.

The entrepreneurship badge consists of two levels. Level 1 (which consists of two badges) will offer you the opportunity to:

In addition, if you would like to move to level 2 (which consists of two badges) you can:

  • attend two masterclasses.
  • sign up for mentoring with the Bettany Centre.
  • participate in investor day.

If you complete all four badges you may also have the opportunity to apply for the Cranfield Seed Fund.

At each level and for each badge, you will attend specific events and workshops before submitting a written deliverable. You can find out more in the following links:

As the opportunity to showcase your skills to prospective employers via your social media profile has become increasingly important, you will earn digital badges that recognise your accomplishments once you have successfully submitted each deliverable. Employers widely recognise the badges as a mark of expertise and dedication.

Enhance your research skills

If you are studying for a PhD, you have access through our Doctoral Researchers Core Development programme. It offers a suite of resources enabling you to develop transferable skills that are important for personal development and career progression.

Future programmes

At Cranfield we are always developing and enhancing our offering. In addition to the programmes already on offer we are working on some exciting editions for 2024/25 study including badges in sustainability and outreach.