We believe that no bright mind with the talent and aspiration to pursue a degree at Cranfield should be held back by financial circumstances. Scholarships allow us to continue to provide an education to the very best students, regardless of their resources.

As the international postgraduate marketplace becomes increasingly competitive providing scholarships is essential to attract students of the highest calibre and to compete with our peers – many of whom have far greater resources at their disposal. By maintaining the high quality of student applications, we can improve our brand, reputation and our position in key rankings surveys.

Alumni can support scholarships by:

Named scholarships

With a gift of £5,000 or more per annum, you can establish a named scholarship. You will receive updates regarding the student recipients and have the opportunity to meet them if they wish to do so. Named scholarships are prestigious awards and are offered to those students who demonstrate greatest merit and potential. These awards often play an essential role in a candidate's decision to accept a place at Cranfield.

Alumni scholarship fund

The Alumni scholarship fund provides several awards annually to a number of students who need additional financial support to attend Cranfield.

Class gifts

Class gifts give our alumni the opportunity to pool their donations into a large gift to multiply the impact of their philanthropic giving.

Cranfield has a long legacy of inspiring generations of business leaders to connect, co-create and develop solutions to global challenges, helping to transform organisations across industries, and around the world.

Today's Cranfield students will be tomorrow's global business leaders.

Your support for Scholarships sends a powerful message to potential students about the value that alumni place on their Cranfield experience and the commitment of the alumni community to ensuring the ongoing strength and success of the School.

Hear from our students...

Name Afnan Frefer
Programme Full-time MBA (2020)
Nationality Libyan-American
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I was working as a lead in a U.S. retail store before I came to Cranfield. I had been interested in the MBA for a while because it had a good ranking. The offer of a bursary played a tremendous role in my decision to come to Cranfield; it has been of great help and I am so grateful for it. Thank you so much to the donors for your kindness – all of the scholarship and bursary students really appreciate it!

Name Lou Rine
Programme Full-time MBA (2020)
Nationality Indonesian
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I worked at a consumer goods company in Indonesia in the International Business Development area; I was in charge of the Cambodian market and focused on our instant noodle product. After a few years, I was entrusted to take care of East Timor cooking oil as an acting country manager and was also a business analyst for edible fats in China.

What first attracted me to Cranfield were the rankings and the bursaries/scholarships. I believe that the curriculum is well-designed to make Cranfield a top school, and I want to learn managerial skills to climb to the next management level. The MBA not only provides the general managerial skills, but also professional certification.

The offer of the bursary was very important to me due to my financial limitations. Other business schools also offered me scholarships and bursaries, but Cranfield was the place I chose! After I have finished the programme I would like to continue my career either in London or Singapore.

Thank you very much for all the donors; I may not have been able to realise my dream of studying in the U.K. without your help and generosity. You have played an important part in changing my life!

Name Patrick Swinburne
Programme Full-time MBA (Energy) (2020)
Nationality New Zealander
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Prior to starting my MBA I was working as a Field Development Engineer for Genesis in London, developing early stage design for oil and gas projects. The specific focus on energy in this MBA programme naturally attracted me to Cranfield, as did the university’s strong links to the energy sector and its engineering background. I also like the location as a place I could focus out of London.

The MBA is a way to reposition myself in the market and to work in a job more in line with my passions. After Cranfield I would like to either work in green/sustainable consulting, investments in green infrastructure and technology or in business development/energy transition teams to help companies build sustainable portfolios.

The offer of the New Zealand Scholarship played heavily in my decision to come to Cranfield. It was how I found out about Cranfield in the first place, through a past recipient of the scholarship, and it has allowed me to pursue the year with no fear. If it wasn’t for the scholarship I think I may have waited a few years and done an executive course to be more financially stable while studying. Knowing what I know now, that would’ve been a real missed opportunity to be effective in my career by undergoing this transformation earlier.

There is no place like Cranfield. It is an oasis of knowledge and opportunity in a location that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the biggest personal investment you will ever make. The quality of education is unparalleled and I will always be happy to talk to any prospective applicants.

Name Thanat Assarattana
Programme Full-time MBA (2020)
Nationality Thai
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I used to work as a project controller at Bombardier Transportation Signal in Thailand and was attracted to Cranfield due to its finance, management and MBA rankings, the modules that form the programme, the rich experience of classmates and because of a friend’s recommendation.

The bursary played a big role in making this decision as I still partly depend on the financial support of my family. I had initially applied for the MSc in Finance and Management and the offer of the bursary made switching to the MBA much easier; it really does motivate me to give my all. After Cranfield I would like to apply for an MBA graduate programme or a one-year internship that will allow me to rotate around various departments within a company.

I am very grateful to our donors and supporters as is this is a great opportunity for me to be on a world class MBA programme. For any future MBA applicants; if you are still hesitating about undertaking an MBA, do it and you will not regret it!

Name Chiawen Liu
Programme Full-time MBA (2020)
Nationality Taiwanese
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When researching MBA programmes I found that Cranfield graduates have great career prospects in their post-study life. Cranfield is an institution that has strong bonds with different industries. There are many well-known and successful executive managers and company founders who studied full-time MBA courses here and the MBA’s modules are well-designed and updated to equip each student with essential managerial skills within a relatively short period.

After Cranfield I hope to find a role that will allow me to stay true to my values and beliefs, and that will enable me to work with people and develop meaningful relationships. I want to help connect the East to the West, to bring new concepts, goods and services to different people, especially those who might struggle to do business with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

It was a tremendous honour for me to receive a donor-funded bursary. Without it I would not be able to study a full-time MBA at Cranfield School of Management. The bursary has literally set me free and allowed me to focus on my studies without having to worry about my finances. I will try my best to make the most of my life in Cranfield and hopefully one day I can reciprocate this generosity by supporting Cranfield students in the future.