The Index of Patent Systems Strength is an annual composite index that rates the effectiveness of the patent systems of 49 countries. The updated index is developed by Professor Constantinos Alexiou, based on the methodology by Papageorgiadis, Cross & Alexiou (2014) published at the Journal of World Business.

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New index measures the effectiveness of the patent systems of 49 countries

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First empirical study into the effect of patent enforcement on economic growth

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The index of patent systems strength 1998-2018 study is part of a wider ongoing research project that studies the effect of patent and IPR enforcement strength on international business activity and behaviour. As part of the research project, we carried out a thorough literature search and reviewed all available academic and practitioner indices that attempted to measure IPR strength. We identified a number of indices that can individually approximate for different enforcement related aspects of a national patent system.

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The new updated Patent Index is available upon request. Please email Professor Constantinos Alexiou at