Cranfield School of Management, in partnership with leading business and financial adviser Grant Thornton UK LLP, is proud to announce the market-wide launch of a new executive Master’s (MSc) in Management and Leadership. The MSc was developed by Cranfield academics and meets the requirements of the Level 7 Senior Leaders Master’s Degree Apprenticeship Standard. It is designed for any employer that wants to accelerate the strategic leadership capability of early-career professionals. Tuition and assessment fees are £18,000, which can be fully funded from the Apprenticeship Levy for eligible employees.

The MSc is the latest addition to a suite of programmes offered by Grant Thornton in partnership with leading education providers to respond to the needs of dynamic, growing organisations. It builds on the success of the Executive MBA, also developed by Cranfield and offered in partnership with Grant Thornton, which currently has 185 organisations sponsoring 388 learners through the leadership development programme.

The two-year Management and Leadership MSc programme will support future leaders from a wide range of organisations in successfully driving business performance with fresh ideas, innovation and diverse approaches. Delivered on a part-time basis (up to six days over three months each quarter year), the course covers the core management subjects in a series of 13 modules, providing a solid grounding across all business fundamentals. It enhances the development of the self-awareness, strategic mindset and leadership skills needed to make an impact in a senior role at any organisation. Sessions with Grant Thornton’s professional coaches will further support the leaders of the future.

Professor Michael Dickmann, course director, said: “This unique partnership combines the best of academic knowledge and commercial insights. The course will develop leadership and management capabilities with a specific focus on cutting-edge insights, commercial application and effective management frameworks.  The practical nature of the course enables learners to gain a ‘real-world’ business education, which they can apply directly back to their workplace.”

Justin Rix, Partner, Talent Solutions at Grant Thornton UK LLP, said: “We have listened to the market and, based on our insights in to what makes truly great leaders, have developed a curriculum that responds to the needs of modern, dynamic organisations. The course is challenging and will stretch even the brightest minds, encouraging future managers and leaders to explore new areas and push themselves beyond their comfort zones.  This course, which can be fully funded using Apprenticeship Levy payments, is an opportunity for employers to accelerate the development of leaders and managers, improve retention and empower individuals to work on meaningful strategic initiatives with the support of a world-class business school partner.”

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