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Catherine trained as an occupational psychologist, and has worked in production and HR with Smiths Industries and as a Programme Management Consultant for Nichols Associates. She has taught in several UK business schools, has 30 years experience leading executive development across industry sectors in multicultural and international contexts. She recently led a 5 year strategic initiative developing future senior leadership for Emirates. She is a founder of a successful third sector business. She is Business Leader for Cranfield's Centre for General Management Development. 

Current activities

Her interests and activities focus on business leadership capabilities for complex business environments; executive team effectiveness; leveraging knowledge for sustained innovation; developing strategic capabilities. She plays a major role in the Centre's radical and distinctive practical business leadership research. She is author of a book and of numerous articles on managerial and leadership performance, measurement and development. She consults internationally to a wide range of organisations (financial, technological, health, aviation, business media, construction, professional services and not-for-profit sectors). She is an executive coach for business leaders and strategy making teams.

She is Programme Director for Cranfield Directors Programme and Cranfield Advanced Development Programme.


Catherine works with clients across private, public and not-for-profit sectors. These include clients in commercial airlines, pharmaceuticals, construction, insurance, Media, NHS, social housing and charities. 


Articles In Journals

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