The Leadership Bridge

Developing your technical managers towards becoming the leaders of tomorrow

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The Leadership Bridge, is our latest tailored solution taking your technical managers on a development journey to support them in becoming leaders for the decade ahead.

Who is this for?

  • Organisations that want to bridge the gap between managing and leading.
  • Organisations that want to address emerging talent with a semi customised solution.
  • Organisations/individuals that want to embed a culture of human centric leadership into their roles and workplaces.
  • Organisations that are looking to offer high quality, immersive development experiences to support their talent retention and question strategy.
  • Managers with high technical skills and need to develop leadership skills and behaviours.
  • Managers that want to build power skills such as empathy, communication and leadership problem solving.
  • Managers who want to lift themselves out of ‘busyness’ towards influencing strategy.

Programme themes

  • Growing Self Awareness
  • Personal Impact
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Strategic Focus
  • Building Teams
  • Delivering Results

Programme format

  • 5 days delivery spread over 6 – 9 months
  • A system to accelerate impact through Catalyst Teams and Line Manager Support
  • Optional ‘Impact Event’ 6 months after the conclusion of the programme

Delivery Plan

Delivery Plan


Module 1: Contracting for Success – 90 mins, online

  • Programme introduction
  • Sponsor introduction
  • Maximising the experience

Module 2: Growing Self-Awareness – 1.5 days

  • What is leadership
  • My leadership energy
  • My leadership mode
  • My leadership journey
  • My leadership edge
  • Leading self and others

Module 3: Strategic Focus

  • Translation strategy into delivery
  • Navigating complex problems
  • Networks and social capital

Module 4: Building Teams

  • Leading with impact
  • Assertiveness and conflict management
  • Feedback as an accelerator of success
  • Leveraging inclusivity and embracing diversity

Module 5: Delivering Results

  • Conversations for delivery
  • Power and influence
  • My leadership map
  • Commitment to impact

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