John Algar

Director of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management

Action, Execution and Implementation

John specialises in working with organisations to solve problems and effect change, whether issues are known to them or first need to be identified.


  • Contractual strategies and efficiencies
  • International contract negotiations
  • Simulation design and development
  • Negotiation and dispute resolution
  • Collaboration, culture and people
  • Project control
  • Stakeholder-risk-issue management
  • Rule-based relationship management


John works with clients to co-create, design and deliver targeted interventions that solve problems and effect change, with particular emphasis on contracts, proposals and tendering, international project management, and dispute resolution.

As head of the Action, Execution and Implementation group, John focuses on ensuring learning and development outcomes are achieved as effectively and efficiently as possible, with particular interest in further improving the output of already-high-performing teams. Organisations that have benefitted from his work include blue-chip clients within the IT, telecoms, power, civil, steel and petrochemical industries worldwide.

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