MEA Partnerships

Empowering development in the Middle East and North Africa region

Over the past years we have worked closely with organisations in the Middle East and North Africa.

Building networks and relationships that have led to rich and productive partnerships with leaders in the market, together developing and delivering prestigious executive learning solutions.

Our experience demonstrates our drive to work closely and collaboratively with local partners to explore and address key region-specific challenges, finding innovative and impactful solutions that are aligned with corporate objectives.

We welcome partnerships across the business spectrum. Please contact us if you’re interested in becoming a strategic partner.

Our partners


Programme offered: People Strategy Workshop


JOBMASTER is one of the leading Human Capital Solutions providers in the MENA region, acclaimed for their enhanced knowledge and accumulated practical experience in the Human Resources field. Cranfield Executive Development and JOBMASTER currently work in partnership to deliver leading-edge executive education in the MENA market. Using the JOBMASTER platform, leaders, managers and HR professionals in the region can access a tailored selection of Cranfield’s world class teaching and manage their development journeys with confidence and clarity.

The Talent Enterprise

The Talent Enterprise

Partnering with governments, employers and educators, we enable people and communities to thrive, advancing the application of positive behavioural science and neuroscience with the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Headquartered in Dubai, with a fast-expanding global network of offices and partners, we work with over 250 clients across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, UK and Europe as well the Americas.

Through our ‘collaboratory’ model, we have one of the largest teams of organisational psychologists, human capital and technology experts with a network of over 500+ global talent associates, providing rapid scale and global deployment.