As the world of work changes apace—from new technologies to a greater emphasis on agility—the idea of linear careers is no longer relevant.

Further, the idea of talent management itself—an approach by which we spot individuals with high potential to move along a linear career trajectory—has become redundant.

The time has come to replace it with a more agile system. Join us for ‘Talent Management is Dead!’ a stimulating, thought-provoking virtual panel discussion with leading sector experts from Cranfield Executive Development and GSK, bound to challenge our preconceptions of what executive learning can and should be aiming to achieve in the purpose-driven, agile organizations of today and tomorrow.


  • Professor Emma Parry, Head of the Changing World of Work Group at Cranfield School of Management
  • Kim Lafferty, VP of People Development at GSK
  • Mark Threlfall, Director of Executive Development at Cranfield Executive Development

Format: 1 hour live panel with open discussion & Q&A


Register via Zoom