Covid-19 has made remote working unavoidable. Remote working offers many opportunities such as greater flexibility, more family time and lack of commuting. Yet, it also brings numerous challenges.

One of these challenges is 'how to manage performance remotely’. To perform, organizations need to find the right balance between trust and control. Covid-19 has critically shifted that balance. In many organisations, the increased uncertainty has led to micro-management and, as a result, trust within teams may have dropped, affecting people's wellbeing and ultimately their performance.

During the months of July-October 2020 we conducted a mixed-methods research to qualitatively investigate (1) how managers are balancing trust and control in their teams during the pandemic, and quantitatively (2) how Covid19 has influenced the way organisations manage performance remotely, including the effect that the changes have had for both employees and managers at different levels. During this webinar we will be presenting and discussing with you our research results.


Dr Monica Franco-Santos
Daniel Afonso


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