The world of global work and working has seen major disruptions due to COVID-19. International business travel and new global assignments diminished abruptly while virtual cross-border work has increased dramatically.

From moving people internationally to where work is located, industry has started to move work to the homes of people. These developments have had major implications for organizational strategies, operational models and individual well-being.

This webinar will explore the most pertinent challenges and depict the prospects for global work when the pandemic is under control. We will present research undertaken by Michael Dickmann and Benjamin Bader in collaboration with EY and The RES Forum exploring key effects on global work now, next and beyond COVID-19.

In this highly interactive webinar we will discuss the role of technology, legal and operational challenges of moving work to people, new ways to approach global talent management and individual well-being effects to depict the key prospects for global work in the future.


Professor Michael Dickmann, Cranfield University
Mr David Enser, Founder The RES Forum
Dr Benjamin Bader, Newcastle University


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