Financial analysts are an important stakeholder group to have on side.  However, organisations often find persuading this stakeholder group about their strategic moves a challenge, with many making important communication errors.

This webinar is designed to help executives identify the aspects of communication with analysts they need to pay attention to, make them aware of frequent pitfalls, and assist them in crafting more persuasive messages and responses about their strategies.

This work can also be relevant to executives looking at wider stakeholder communication, to ensure their messages are effective and persuasive with the senior audiences they interact with.

This webinar will allow you to:

  • Identify the aspects of communication with financial analysts that require executives' attention.
  • Discover common communication pitfalls in the interaction with financial analysts.
  • Learn how to craft more persuasive messages and responses to financial analysts about business strategies.


Dr Tina Papadopoulou teaches Big Data Analytics at Cranfield University.  She holds degrees in Business Administration and Marketing from prestigious institutions in Europe and the UK, and has won several awards and scholarships.  Tina's research interests include communication, trust and financial markets.  In particular:

  • The relationship between the firm and financial-market stakeholders.
  • The mechanisms that can help the firm establish trust with financial-market and important stakeholders.
  • The communication strategies firm executives use to ear the trust and support of financial-market and other important stakeholders.

Who is it for?

This webinar is open to marketing and commercial directors, senior and aspiring marketing professionals and those in management roles who are curious about marketing and keen to enhance or share their own practice.


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