Within a business context where corporate social responsibility issues have become increasingly important, greenwashing or the practice of appearing to be environmentally friendly, is a fabrication intending to make an organisation appear to be adopting the green agenda.

We’ve seen many examples, such as VW’s deception with carbon emissions, yet VW has significantly increased sales of its electric vehicles. How does this occur and why do some firms (and individuals) succeed in these deceptive practices where others fails?

In this session you will discover which types of firms:

  • Can get away with greenwashing and why
  • Are unable to recover from greenwashing and why
  • How to communicate ESG to reduce accusations of greenwashing

Based on 15 years of research this webinar will shine a light into this deceptive practice, the corporate winners and losers.

Attending this webinar will give you more information about:

  • How greenwashing works and fails
  • How to manage greenwashing in your organisation
  • How to communicate ESG to reduce accusations of greenwashing


Pavlos Vlachos

Pavlos A. Vlachos, the Theodore Papalexopoulos Chair in Sustainability and Associate Professor of Marketing at Alba Graduate Business School – The American College of Greece. His research focuses on how different stakeholder groups (consumers, employees, job seekers, investors and financial analysts) understand, process and evaluate CSR information.

Who is it for?

This webinar is open to marketing and commercial directors, senior and aspiring marketing professionals and those in management roles who are curious about marketing and keen to enhance or share their own practice.