Organisation Design is the analysis of the difference between an organisation’s current state and where it needs to be in future, and a strategy for closing this gap. As such, it is a crucial part of an organisation’s success. Leaders and managers have an important role to play in organisation design as they sit at the heart of an organisation and understand the issues and challenges it faces.

The overall aim of this stack of modules is to equip you with an understanding of organisation design and how to apply this within organisations. The Bronze, Silver and Gold modules will give you an understanding of a number of diagnostic frameworks for organisation design, traditional and contemporary approaches to the designs themselves and will support you in learning how to apply these via a series of case studies and exercises.

Who is this for?

  • Leaders, managers, human resource management professionals and organisation design practitioners who would like support in their understanding of organisation design, to allow them to evaluate different approaches and designs in the context of their organisation.
  • If you choose to study past our Bronze, Silver and Gold badges, minimum criteria for the Postgraduate Award is an English language speaking IELTS score of 6.5.

How you will study

Our modules are fully stackable and self-paced, so you choose how much you want to learn and when.

Available stacks

  • Bronze: 4 hours online, access anytime
  • Silver: 6 hours online, access anytime
  • Gold: 10 hours live online cohort based learning (live dates are every four months, split across two half-days at times to suit many global time-zones)

Our stacks offer reflection activities throughout which we suggest you allow additional time for, this is at your pace but our guidance is up to 8 hours for Bronze and up to 12 hours for Silver. This is your opportunity to apply your new knowledge and reflect on the impact it can have on you in your current and future roles.

Location: Online – a combination of always available, access anytime and live online.


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What you will learn

Bronze Organisation Design

Bronze – Self-paced

Award: Cranfield Bronze Digital Learning Badge

By the end of your Bronze stack you will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate different models, frameworks and processes for organisation design.
  • Design or adapt an appropriate organisation design based upon a modelled process.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and value of an organisation design.

Silver Organisation Design

Silver – Self-paced

Award: Cranfield Silver Digital Learning Badge

Should you want to progress to our Silver stack, by the end of your study you will have developed knowledge enabling you to:

  • Analyse contextual changes impacting on organisation design.
  • Compare and contrast traditional and contemporary approaches to organisation design.
  • Critically assess how digital transformation is impacting on organisation design.
  • Apply agile design approaches to an organisation.
  • Analyse your stakeholder and cultural dynamics of the transition and apply approaches to manage this.

Gold Organisation Design

Gold – Live Online

Award: Cranfield Gold Digital Learning Badge

Taking your stack up to Gold level will deepen your knowledge and learning, enabling you to:

  • Evaluate key skills of an organisation design practitioner.
  • Critically evaluate an organisation’s current model and design in relation to its alignment with strategy and suggest improvements.
  • Design or adapt an appropriate organisation design based upon a modelled process.
  • Analyse the key challenges, tensions and trade-offs involved in organisation design approaches.
  • Apply both traditional and contemporary design.

Postgraduate Award

Completing the Bronze, Silver and Gold Cranfield Digital Badges within this stack alongside those in the Transformational Strategy stack and an Integrated Assessment will earn you a Postgraduate Award in Organisational Transformation and Design.

Purchasing a Postgraduate Award in Organisational Transformation and Design, will save you £194 on the individual stack purchase price – this earns you Bronze, Silver and Gold Digital Learning Badges in Organisation Design and Transformational Strategy.

To qualify for the PgCert in Business and Management, three core PgAwards are required, which are:

  • Making Sense of the Economy and Introduction to Financial Management
  • Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
  • Strategic Thinking and Strategic Management

The PgCert is a requirement for applying for a PgDip and MSc.

Postgraduate Certificate

This comprises 3 Postgraduate Awards.

Postgraduate Diploma

This comprises 6 Postgraduate Awards.

Master of Science (MSc)

PgDip, plus a thesis.