Why Networked Learning?

At Cranfield our expertise in designing and delivering customised executive development increasingly blends face to face learning with contemporary technologies. We interpret new technologies in the light of executive development and continually innovate. With the rise of social media and networking technology, we leverage connectivity specifically to promote and sustain learning. The term we use to describe this approach is 'Networked Learning'.

A Networked Learning approach can create impactful and sustainable interventions by:

  • increasing the connectivity between programme participants, Cranfield Faculty and your own subject matter experts
  • providing a means to build relationships, to leverage learning and knowledge in geographically dispersed networks
  • enabling a smarter and more effective way of working in a global business environment
  • embedding executive development into daily work, integrating learning and application building fluency in new technology based practices in corporate learning
Toby Thompson
Introduction to Networked Learning

Bespoke and fit for purpose

Our passion is for customised executive development; not every programme uses sophisticated technology. We always have in mind the purpose of the development, selecting and tailoring a blend of methods and technologies for your organisation.

Different technologies (e.g. web-conferencing, video, e-learning, collaborative online work space, discussion forums and real time chat) may be used throughout different stages of the programme. These are hosted on a bespoke online platform or 'portal'. Here executives can interact with Cranfield expertise and other learners and experts within their organisation: they can access resources and projects customised for them, working in a time and space convenient to them.