Key Facts

    • Resilience has been pushed firmly toward the top of the agenda for boards and senior management teams of organisations of all types. But how can resilience be developed? Who does it well, and what can we learn from them? What are the practical steps necessary to strengthen resilience for long-term success? As a leader, what more could you do to develop resilience for your organisation?

    • To address these questions, we conducted twenty five in-depth interviews and four focus groups with leaders (boards, senior executives, policymakers, resilience directors) in organisations seen as world-leading in terms of their resilience programmes.

    • Organisation resilience isn't purely defensive in orientation. It is also progressive1, building the capacity for agility, adaptation, learning, and regeneration to ensure that organisations are able to deal with more complex and severe events and be fit for the future.

    • Through our research, including the learnings from the financial crisis and subsequent strengthening of financial resilience, we found seven practices that make organisations more resilient.

    • Our research identifies seven resilience practices. These seven practices are developed into a new methodology to help build an organisation's resilience.

Impact of our research

  • This report is for senior executives and leaders accountable for setting and implementing their organisation's strategy. It will also be useful for directors and those in operational roles responsible for managing functions or business units that deliver essential business services.
  • The report describes each of these resilience practices and highlights key considerations for leaders.
  • The seven practices are then developed into a new methodology of how to build organisational resilience.
  • We offer a new maturity model to help organisations self-assess their current resilience and chart their improvement journey.
  • We offer some thoughts on the thorny issue of measuring resilience.

Why the research was commissioned

Cranfield University conducted the research on behalf of the National Preparedness Commission (NPC). The research was undertaken in partnership with Deloitte, who sponsored and contributed to it.

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