Cranfield University is hosting an intense three-day "hackathon" where the next generation of engineers will explore the future of autonomous driving software.

With the move to autonomous vehicles, software development and programming will be a critical skill for the next generation of engineers, as vehicles become more and more reliant, not only on their parts, but also the programmes that operate them.

Using Autoware, an open-source software that is used in over 30 autonomous vehicles and by over 100 companies across the world, participants will be able to develop programmes for use in the next generation of autonomous vehicles.

Dr Stefano Longo, Senior Lecturer in Vehicle Control and Optimisation, said: ““The development of autonomous vehicles is not just being driven by traditional players in the transportation space, such as BMW, Lexus and Mercedes, it’s being driven by technology companies such as Google.

“The next generation of engineers will not only need a mechanical understanding of how vehicles work but will also require an understanding of the programmes that are making the vehicle function.

“We are delighted to be hosting this hackathon, where researchers from across the UK will get the chance to work together to create new programmes that will drive forward the next innovations in autonomous vehicles.”

The hackathon is being run by The Autoware Foundation, a non-profit organisation created by TierIV, 96Boards and Apex.AI, to initiate, grow, and fund open source collaborative engineering Autoware projects.

The hackathon will take place between the 28 May – 30 May 2019 at Cranfield University.