Dr Natalia Falagán, a research fellow in food and science technology at Cranfield University, has been appointed to the prestigious Food Standards Agency (FSA) Scientific Advisory Committees.

As one of several FSA Scientific Advisory Committees, the Food Contact Materials Joint Expert Group supports - and consists of members of - the Committee on Toxicity (COT) and the Advisory Committee on Microbiological Safety of Food (ACMSF). The expert group advises the Committees on the safety of materials that come into contact with food during production, processing, storage, preparation and serving.

Dr Falagán’s research at Cranfield involves analysing the ripening and deterioration of fresh produce in order to develop innovative storage strategies and advance packaging. Through her work, she aims to address the need to reduce food waste and improve food security – while maintaining the quality and safety of fresh produce across the supply chain.

Following her appointment, Dr Falagán said: “I am delighted to be selected to be a part of the FSA’s Scientific Advisory Committees. It is a great opportunity to translate the knowledge and experience gathered during my research into work which has an impact on society and improves food safety for all consumers.”

Professor Leon Terry, Director of Environment and Agrifood at Cranfield University, said: “We are thrilled for Natalia – her selection for the FSA Scientific Advisory Committees is a testament to her hard work and expertise in her field. The appointment provides a fantastic opportunity for Natalia to apply her research to work which will advise on the development of policy issues and has major implications for public health.”