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Areas of expertise

  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Computing, Simulation & Modelling
  • Industrial Automation


Mikel Bueno Viso completed his BSc in Industrial Technology Engineering and MSc in Industrial Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao (University of the Basque Country). Mikel has always been interested and involved in Industrial Automation and Robotics, and that is why he decided to enhance and enlarge his knowledge on the topic by undertaking a Robotics MSc at Cranfield University, UK, as part of a 2-year double master's programme in combination with an MSc in Industrial Engineering at the University of the Basque Country.

He is interested in Industrial Automation, Intelligent Automation, Industrial Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Production Technologies and Software Engineering, with the main focus on Robotics and the usage, transformation and application of Robot Technologies in order to improve future manufacturing systems.

Current activities

Mikel is a Research Assistant at Cranfield University. He is part of the Centre for Robotics and Assembly (SATM), undertaking research in the field of Robotics, Automation and Manufacturing. His current focus is on Reconfigurable, Flexible and Responsive Manufacturing, where Robotics play a highly relevant role and huge research opportunities have arisen.

Apart from the full-time job as a Researcher, Mikel is a Ph.D. Candidate in Flexible and Reconfigurable Manufacturing. He started his part-time Ph.D. Degree on December 2022, and focuses his effort on developing and implementing a Framework, which will enable the management of completely flexible, reconfigurable and Hardware/Software-agnostic Robotic Systems.


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council