Elizabeth is a PhD candidate at the Cranfield University School of Aerospace, Transport, and Manufacturing. 

Currently she is working as a Strategy Manager for a leading aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul service provider.

Elizabeth´s background is Aeronautical Engineering and she is holding an MSc in Aeronautical Engineering with a specialization in Aircraft Cabin and Cabin Design from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

She has been awarded the Gold Award in the Student Design Competition during the 25th International Conference on Human- Computer Interaction (HCII2023) for her work on Usability Evaluation of an Emergency Alerting System to Improve Discreet Communication During Emergencies.

Current activities

Elizabeth´s interests are on Cabin Crew Resource Management, Cabin Crew Workload and Performance during Emergency situations. She is also interested in improving communication between Passengers and Cabin Crew.


Articles In Journals