The Agrifood Charities Partnership (AFCP) provides a database of charitable organisations that provide grants and funding for studies and research in the area of agri-food. Read more Read less

There are about 150 charities supporting the agri-food industry. In February 2007 a seminar was held to address the concern expressed by some charities that their activities were becoming less successful in providing effective support for the industry. The seminar strongly supported a formal coordinating role and AFCP was established in 2008.

At a glance

  • Funding valueSmall grants of various amounts
  • Suitable for Applicants fromEU, UK
  • DeadlineOn going
  • Funding provider(s)Various agricultural and horticultural charities

What it covers

Small grants from charities of varying amounts to support students or research activities in the agri-food sector.

How to apply

Visit the Agrifood Charities Partnership website to search for funding opportunities from charitable organisations. Each listing will include details on how to apply for funding.