Part of Cranfield’s UKCRIC investments, the 100m long test and control sewer loops will generate data critical to understanding and managing the dynamics of fat, oil and grease (FOG) deposition and related blockages. This facility will generate new evidence on the influence of wastewater composition on FOG deposition and odour formation. The results of these projects will inform innovative approaches to FOG control and management, as well as how sewers might be used as an on-line treatment option.

Fats, oil and greases in pipes and sewers
Fat, oil and grease accumulation in sewers and pipes (© Thames Water)

Key research themes

  • Optimisation of infrastructure design, operation and management.
  • Understanding deposition mechanisms and the impacts of bio-additives on in-sewer processes.
  • Septicity control and in-sewer treatment will see collaboration with Sheffield (part of the UKCRIC Urban Water Group) and other UK universities.

Using the facility

If you wish to use this facility, please contact Professor Bruce Jefferson to arrange.