Located within the same building as the point-of-use water treatment development laboratory, the Breakthrough Innovation Hub will provide a set of design, build and testing spaces devoted to nurturing interdisciplinary research across the science, engineering and design disciplines.

With the driving ambition to accelerate innovation in water and other infrastructure systems, the Hub will comprise a flexible, multi-functional space for design, rapid prototyping and testing of novel infrastructure components and sub-systems. On-site data visualisation facilities will provide access to sensor data from both on- and off-campus infrastructure systems, offering opportunities for advanced analytics and testing.

This facility will draw on expertise from across the University, which blends infrastructure engineering and design skills, including Cranfield Water Science Institute, the Centre for Design Engineering and our Transport Systems theme. The Hub will empower and inspire science and businesses to define new crosscutting research challenges in the field of future infrastructure systems (linking sectors such as water, energy, environment, telecommunications, waste management and transport).

Point of use water treatment development lab
Breakthrough Innovation Hub

Key research themes

  • Design and test of novel components for decentralized (small scale) infrastructure systems;
  • Materials design, hybrid electronics and sensors, high precision printing (on flexible substrates).

Using the facility

If you wish to use this facility, please contact Professor Leon Williams to arrange.