Geophysics is a non-destructive method of detecting beneath the soil. This has become widely used in the archaeological profession and in recent times has been applied to forensic investigations.

With nearly 30 years’ experience in the field, we offer a professional and competitive service. We provide an efficient, cost effective, high quality service for archaeologists and other professions as well as the local community. Over this time, we have carried out surveys on a wide range of projects including:

  • Development sites;
  • Academic research;
  • Forensic investigations;
  • Military related investigations;
  • Community archaeology;
  • Public outreach;
  • Heritage Lottery funded projects.

Cranfield Forensic Institute has extensive experience in the use of shallow, ground remote sensing techniques on archaeological sites as well as forensic investigations including image processing and interpretive software.

We offer a range of geophysical techniques, which can be applied as a single technique, or use of a complimentary technique for the detection of buried remains.

At Cranfield, we have developed and built our own cart system to undertake magnetometer surveys using Bartington Grad-601 sensors.

The survey techniques available include but not limited to those listed:

  • Gradiometer,
  • Magnetic susceptibility,
  • Electromagnetic conductivity,
  • Resistivity,
  • GPR.