Our alumni volunteers make a significant contribution to Cranfield life.  From sharing industry insights to give our students cutting-edge information to helping the University recruit the best and brightest of students. 

We cannot thank our alumni enough for the time they give to Cranfield. Here are a few of our staff and students reflecting on the impact of alumni volunteers:

Sir Peter Gregson, Chief-Executive and Vice-Chancellor, Cranfield University

"Gifts of time, knowledge and experience make a massive difference to Cranfield University. Alumni volunteers impact all areas of the University’s work. They inform our thinking, they speak with prospective students and they impact the student experience in the way only our network can - providing industry insight that keeps us at the forefront of knowledge. I am extremely proud of all of our alumni and what they achieve, but I am also grateful for what they give back to us with their time, knowledge and experience.  Put simply, Cranfield would not be the vibrant and successful university it is with the support of our alumni volunteers."

Alex White, current MBA student, Australian Alumni Scholarship Recipient

"I was first introduced to Cranfield by alumni who are fortunately great friends of mine. They described how rewarding the year at Cranfield was with its engaging theoretical and practical elements of coursework. However, everyone noted that the greatest changes they all experienced was their personal development. The journey of transformation you take creates a strong sense of a pre-Cranfield and post-Cranfield MBA life. The quality of people and strength of community of the alumni network reflected the advice provided to me and cemented my decision to become a Cranfield MBA student."

Andrew Jones, Chief Operating Officer SATM & SWEE and Director of International Partnerships and Student Recruitment

“At Cranfield we look to recruit the top students from around the world, and alumni are vital in helping us to achieve this. Wherever possible alumni join us at student recruitment fairs across the globe because prospective students really value the experience of meeting alumni, they often cite meeting alumni as one of the most important factors in choosing Cranfield. Nothing makes more of an impact than speaking to somebody who has been here as a student themselves.”