For further information about the Alumni Advocates programme, please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still have questions, please email us.

  • Who can be an Alumni Advocate?

We are currently introducing the Alumni Advocate programme in seven countries as part of a pilot programme. The Alumni Advocates are selected based on location, current and previous involvement with and support for the University, understanding Cranfield’s values and ambitions, and the ability to commit time and expertise in a volunteer capacity. 

  • What is the role of an Alumni Advocate?

The role of an Alumni Advocate is to assist the International Office with activities to increase and support student recruitment. This will include talking to and meeting with prospective students who are considering pursuing their studies at Cranfield - answering questions about your Cranfield experience , what it was like to move abroad, and your career since leaving Cranfield.

  • How do I apply and what is the recruitment process?

The first step of the recruitment process is to complete the online application form. You will then be contacted via email to confirm if you have reached the interview stage by a member of the Alumni team. If you have been successful in this first stage, we will arrange an online video call where you will be formally interviewed by the International and Alumni team.

After all candidates have been interviewed you will be contacted to confirm if you have been successful in your application to be an Alumni Advocate.

  • What is the time commitment?

The appointment is normally for a two-year period, but the Advocates may be invited to serve for a longer period. However, if you are unable to meet the needs of the role and need to leave the programme earlier than the initial two-year commitment this can be arranged. We expect that it will take no more than an hour a week of your time unless you are attending a local fair, however this is a pilot scheme so we ask for some flexibility.

  • As an Alumni Advocate, how will I benefit from the programme?

Taking part in the Alumni Advocate programme has great benefits. It is an opportunity to share your experience and make a positive and meaningful impact on the prospective student journey, as well as developing professional and personal skills which will be a valuable asset on your CV.

  • What if other commitments come up? Can I leave the programme?

Yes - you can stop taking part in the programme at any time if you are no longer able to meet the needs of the role, however we do ask for an initial two-year commitment.

  • Do I get paid as an Alumni Advocate?

No, this is a volunteering role and Alumni Advocates will not be receiving payment. Some expenses will be paid when agreed in advance by the University.

  • As an Alumni Advocate, who do I contact if I have any questions?

At the beginning of the programme, you will be introduced to a key member of staff in the International team who will be your point of contact if you have any questions while you are in the role.

  • What will I be asked to do as an Alumni Advocate?

As an Alumni Advocate you will be asked to attend student recruitment fairs and answer questions from prospective students both in person and online, to talk through your experiences of studying at Cranfield. You may also be emailed enquiries the University has received regarding the course you have studied or the impact that your time at Cranfield has had on your career.

  • What kind of questions will I be asked and what if I don’t know the answer?

There is a range of questions that you could be asked by a prospective student. You may be asked specific questions on the course you studied, what it is like to live on campus, your experience of moving abroad. You will receive training to help you feel confident in answering all questions, but remember you are not alone in this and your key contact in the International team is always here to help you if you feel unable to answer a question you get asked.

  • Who will I be speaking with?

Prospective students who are interested in studying at Cranfield University.

  • How will I be put in contact with prospective students?

You will either meet with prospective students face-to-face at student recruitment fairs, or you will be put in touch over email or via video calls.

  • What happens at student recruitment fairs?

A student recruitment fair is an opportunity for Cranfield University to showcase its programmes alongside other universities. Each university will have a stand and a representative in attendance to answer any questions from prospective students. It is the role of the Alumni Advocate to share their experience and insight into what it is like to study at Cranfield.