Welcome to Cranfield University's dedicated page for our valued recruitment partners and agents. As ambassadors of our university, your role is crucial in helping us reach talented students from around the globe.

To ensure the best possible experience for both you and prospective students, we've compiled some best practices and important information to guide you through the process.

Data integrity and security

We must work together to maintain high standards in protecting applicant data to best serve the interests of our applicants, prevent reputational damage and financial penalties. As a valued agent, it's essential to understand data protection regulations when collecting and sharing student data with us.

Data should always be shared securely through the Cranfield Drop-off Service, through which you can drop off files for Cranfield staff and pick up files Cranfield staff have shared with you. We may also request a drop-off from you so you can securely share files more easily.

Please only share necessary personal information and limit sharing to agreed Cranfield contacts. For any questions about processing personal data, contact your Cranfield International Representative or gdpr@cranfield.ac.uk.

Best practices for agents

Maintain transparency

Always provide accurate and up-to-date information about Cranfield University's courses, entry requirements, fees, and policies to prospective students. Transparency builds trust and fosters positive relationships with students and their families.

Stay informed

Keep yourself informed about the latest developments at Cranfield University, including new courses, scholarship opportunities, and changes to admissions procedures. This knowledge will empower you to effectively advise students and address their queries.

Personalise guidance

Every student is unique, with individual academic backgrounds, career aspirations, and personal preferences. Tailor your guidance and support to each student's specific needs, ensuring they receive personalised assistance throughout the application process.

Adhere to ethical standards

Uphold ethical standards in your interactions with students and other stakeholders. Avoid engaging in misleading or unethical practices that may compromise the integrity of the recruitment process or tarnish the reputation of Cranfield University and yourselves.

Communicate effectively

Maintain open lines of communication with both students and university representatives. Promptly respond to our enquiries and requests for information and facilitate clear communication between all parties involved.

Use the Partner/Agent Portal

Our dedicated online portal makes it easier for our approved agents to manage their students' applications. See our Online Partner/Agent Portal page for more details.

Keep in contact

If you have any questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated International Recruitment team, we're here to support you every step of the way and strengthen our partnership:

The Americas

Sandra Silva profile photo     

Sandra Silva
International Development Manager
E: americas@cranfield.ac.uk

East Asia


Nan Zhai
Representative for East Asia
E: eastasia@cranfield.ac.uk
T: +86 (0)1368 111 2441
WeChat: 13681112441

Europe and Central Asia

Sandra Silva profile photo     

Sandra Silva
International Development Manager
E: americas@cranfield.ac.uk

Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey (MENAT)


Gani Goonewardana
International Development Manager
E: menat@cranfield.ac.uk

South Asia

Trisha Hedge      

Trisha Hegde
Representative for South Asia
E: southasia@cranfield.ac.uk

Southeast Asia


Cynthia Hong
Representative for Southeast Asia
E: southeastasia@cranfield.ac.uk

Sub-Saharan Africa

Ifeanyi Udofia      

Ifeanyi Udofia (Ify)
Representative for Sub-Saharan Africa
E: subsaharanafrica@cranfield.ac.uk
T: +234 8023221909