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Areas of expertise


Dr Rob Simmons has over 20 years theoretical understanding and practical experience of soil erosion processes, diffuse pollution control and environmental modelling. This has been achieved through MSc and PhD research (1991-1998), 10 years working in Southeast and South Asia (1998-2008) and in his current role as Lecturer in Soil Erosion and Conservation. Of the 10 years overseas, seven were spent at the International Water Management Institute coordinating major donor funded national and regional projects with a range of partners including government organizations, international bodies such as WHO, UNESCAP and FAO, other CGIAR (Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research) Centres such as ICRISAT and ILRI, and NGOs, CBOs, private enterprises and agricultural communities.

Current activities

Dr Simmon's research experience is broad ranging. This includes the effect of polyacrylamide-based soil conditioners on soil structural sealing at a sub-process level, soil erosion risk assessment, modelling the off-site impacts of heavy metal contaminated sediments on food and human health, modeling heavy metal uptake to rice and other tropical field crops, phytoremediation of cadmium, mitigation of diffuse pollution and the safe agricultural use of wastewater. Studies have also included macro-nutrient loading, trace element deficiencies/toxicities and salinity management.

Land reclamation & restoration

Soil erosion & conservation

Structural sealing/capping processes

Sustainable Soil Management


Soil salinity assessment & crop response

Metal toxicities, nutrient loading, crop response & human health risk assessments


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers


  • Simmons RW, Qadir M & Drecshel P (2010) Farm-based measures for reducing human & environmental health risks from chemical constituents in wastewater. In: Wastewater irrigation and health: assessing and mitigating risk in low-income countries. Drechsel P, Scott CA, Redwood M, Bahri A (ed.), Oxford, UK: Earthscan, p. 209-238, ed. First.
  • Simmons RW & Rickson RJ (2008) Increasing rainfall and erosion.. In: Water and Food, Swedish Research Council (Formas), p. 89-96.